NTP Reflection and DDoS

Let’s say a company runs a promotion for a free can of soup. And let’s say that 1000 of your friends decide to send the soup company your address instead of theirs. You would likely get 1000 cans of soup! Now consider that 10,000 people decided to use your address for their free soup… Unless […]
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The Multi-Gigabit DDoS Threat, Part 4: Defense with Black Holes, Sinkholes, and the Cloud

Over the past three weeks — here, here, and here, — I have described some enormous DDoS attacks that can be launched anonymously, cutting you off the Internet by overwhelming your connection to your ISP. What defenses are available? Learning Tree’s Cloud Security Essentials course describes some cloud-based solutions that can mitigate DDoS problems for […]
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The Multi-Gigabit DDoS Threat, Part 3: Turning Up The Heat With NTP Amplification

Two weeks ago and last week I explained how DDoS attacks have grown from the Smurf and Fraggle attacks into DNS Amplification attacks flooding up to 300 Gbps at a target. Learning Tree’s System and Network Security Introduction course provides useful background. Things have gotten worse. NTP Amplification has become the weapon of choice, making […]
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The Multi-Gigabit DDoS Threat, Part 2: Modern Attacks with DNS Amplification

Last week I described some early and simple DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks, Smurf and Fraggle, and how basic best practices would help all of us. Let’s bring this DDoS discussion into the modern era. It’s still based on reflection and amplification, but the attacks achieve far more amplification through clever abuse of […]
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Is The World Knocking At Your Door, Or Trying To Kick It In? The Multi-Gigabit DDoS Threat

If a miscreant wanted to knock you off the Internet, how could they go about it? A flood ping is the obvious weapon, or at least it was long ago. Something like this:  $ ping -f -s 1472 targethost You can still find references calculating what it would take to saturate a T1 connection with […]
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