Attending the APMG-Sponsored Webinar on the PRINCE2 Business Case this Wednesday, 15 Oct 2013?

Sure can be difficult to justify your project when you don’t define and agree upon the business reasons why that project is being done in the first place.  The PRINCE2 Business Case allows you to do just that by documenting and tracking the business justification for your project.  Experienced project managers use the PRINCE2 Business […]
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Looking for a Portfolio Management Method? Consider MoP®

For folks looking for a portfolio management approach that successfully navigates them through the two distinct aspects of the portfolio management life cycle while focusing on delivering measurable benefits to the business, let me recommend Management of Portfolios (MoP®).  MoP® is a structured, non-proprietary portfolio management method, much like it’s “younger siblings” MSP® (programs) and PRINCE2® […]
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Avoiding the Three Project Decision-Making Traps

Effective decision-making is a key skill for both project managers and business analysts to cultivate.  On your projects, you should approach your decision making from two different (and sometimes conflicting) points of view. You must first understand what is involved in making a good decision, and then help your other project team members and key […]
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Sharpen Up Your Creative and Systems Thinking Skills

Project managers and business analysts, are your creative and systems thinking skills up and running? If not, they need to be.  Your thinking skills are an important facet of your management style and your approach to achieving a successful project outcome. I think that you need to be a creative thinker when it comes to solving problems and […]
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Let’s Talk About Effective Project Budgeting

Budgeting helps you create an action plan for arriving at your project’s objectives and strategic milestones. Effective project budgeting requires you to have measurable quantities of your expected project resources and should also account for any anticipated business benefits your project will provide to the organization.   You should build your project budget at two levels: […]
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