The Internet Has Serious Trust Problems, Part 5: Response Leads to Corporate Survival or Death

Over the past four weeks (here, here, here, and here) I have explained the cryptographic side of digital certificates and continuing problems with what many see as misbehavior by root CAs. I’ll get to the end, or really back to the start, of this story this week. For further details and discussion, join Learning Tree’s […]
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This Hash Result Startled Me!

Even when you work with this technology, sometimes you are really surprised to find that things don’t work at all as you might expect. Hash functions are one-way operations. It is easy to calculate the hash of even a large piece of data. But it should be impractically difficult to find an input that generates […]
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Flame Authorship is Acknowledged… Now What?

Last week the Washington Post reported that “Western officials with knowledge of the effort” said that the malware called Flame had been jointly developed by the United States and Israel. The main surprise here was the announcement itself. The complexity and sophistication of the Flame malware had led researchers to conclude that it was probably […]
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