More On The Minority Report

Recently I commented on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Minority Committee of the US Senate’s report about the security of government agencies. (You can get a PDF copy here.) The earlier post was about the use of default passwords at government agencies. There are some other troubling items in the report and I wanted […]
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Compress or Encrypt?

The other day a colleague sent me some files in email. He compressed them so they’d be smaller and no software along the way would try to process them. (As a side note, yes, I know email systems use BASE64 to encode binary files, and I know that blows them up in size, but that’s […]
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Linux Scores Highest in UK Government Security Assessment

As we discuss in Learning Tree’s Cloud Security Essentials course, the cloud is based on open-source technology including Linux, and cloud customers use Linux more than any other operating system. Now a major report makes that look like a good trend for security reasons. The Communications — Electronics Security Group or CESG is a group […]
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California May Require Companies to Encrypt Data

Kamala D. Harris, Attorney General of California released a report on data breaches in the State in 2012. The report has some interesting statistics and is worth reading. What I’d like to look at today is the first recommendation: Companies should encrypt digital personal information when moving or sending it out of their secure network. […]
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Why Did It Take So Long?

Wired had in interesting article  about potential criminals’ use of encryption. They quoted the United States Courts’ Wiretap Report for 2012 which says: Encryption Encryption was reported for 15 wiretaps in 2012 and for 7 wiretaps conducted during previous years. In four of these wiretaps, officials were unable to decipher the plain text of the […]
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