Top 11 Reasons I Prefer Office 365 Over Google Apps

Warning: This post is subjective and highly opinionated! I will admit to having a Microsoft bias as that is the technology I tend to use most often. That said I think all of the following are valid. I welcome comments and discussion. 11. Office 365 works seamlessly with the Office 2010 software installed on my […]
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Windows Live vs. Google Apps: Part 2 – Google Apps

In the first part of this article I reviewed some of the main features of Microsoft Windows Live.  I wrote that article using the Microsoft Word Web app on my Mac.  Now, I want to review some of the main features of Google Apps.  This time, I’ll use Google Docs on my PC. Google Apps […]
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Google Wins Injunction in Cloud Computing Battle with Microsoft

Yesterday, Google won a preliminary injunction preventing the U.S Department of the Interior from procuring a Microsoft-only Cloud Computing contract. The lawsuit was filed by Google and a reseller of its products after the agency solicited bids for cloud-based email and messaging services and specifying that bidders must use Microsoft products. Google claimed that the […]
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Windows Live vs. Google Apps: Part 1 – Windows Live

Chris Czarnecki’s article, Microsoft and Google Compete in the Cloud, inspired me to write this blog as I have been researching Google Apps and Windows Live for a while now and using bits and pieces of each. I’m going to write this article in two parts.  In the first, I’ll review the features of Microsoft Windows Live […]
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Microsoft and Google Compete in the Cloud

A couple of days ago, the General Services Administration announced that it had made the decision to replace its Lotus notes and Domino software with Google for its email. This decision prompted a response from Microsoft saying that they were disappointed not to be able to provide a solution and how much better they could […]
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