How Social Media Posts Can Lead to Identity Theft

For National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we are resharing some of our most popular cyber security blogs from the past year to ensure you are staying #CyberAware online – whether at home or in the office. Scrolling through Facebook the other day I saw meme “Comment below if you remember your childhood phone number.” I […]
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TSA Keys and Information Leakage

I travel a lot teaching for Learning Tree. I used to travel even more when I was younger and trips abroad for business or pleasure were frequent and enjoyable. When I travel, I often pack snacks and other goodies in my checked luggage. In the old days, I would lock my bags with a brass […]
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Subtleties of Information Leakage

If you’ve been keeping up with computer security breaches, read popular press or watched TV news, you’ll remember that hackers stole some data from the Ashley Madison site. Their clients are worried their emails might have been exposed. For the record, I’m not a client. When I was preparing to write about the breach I […]
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Plugging the Leak

InformationWeek ran a story last week about misconfigured Apache web servers that exposed server settings.  This is bad because bad actors can use that information to potentially successfully attack the server. For instance, if they know of a vulnerability in a particular version of an application, and see that a site is running that version […]
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