Biometrics — Can You Afford to Lose a Finger?

Biometric authentication has been attracting a lot of attention recently. Every day you see people deftly swiping their thumbs over their phones to unlock them using fingerprint recognition. Iris scanning technology is being introduced to India’s national biometric ID system. It’s the largest such system in the world—with over a billion users—and is used to […]
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That’s a Wrap (up) — 2014 Follow-Ups

I’ve written about a wide variety of topics this past year. As is usual in technology fields there have been some changes and new information. Here are just a few updates. Keeping current and looking for updates is a critical part of this or any business. Don’t limit your learning on security to this blog […]
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Eye Get It

On the surface, this looks as though it might be convenient: from grade 6 parents will be able to track their children’s every move from the time they leave the house until they return (unless they skip school, in which case they’d presumably be notified, too). It would be useful for businesses to control admission […]
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