What do we mean by “managing in silos”?

Continuing from my previous blogs, let’s elaborate on the siloed organizations and challenges associated with such structures. Applications are engineered and developed in an effort to address the functional requirements as well as non-functional application-related requirements. Infrastructures are engineered, developed and managed with the aim to manage technology components within those infrastructures. There may exist […]
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ITIL Process Maps – Taking a student driven approach

Last year, I discussed with the Product Development department at Learning Tree International the possibility of creating process maps for all the ITIL® courses.  In the true alignment of ITIL, we took a value-driven approach and Learning Tree gave this the green light, as they felt that this would add extra value to student experiences […]
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Tips for ITIL® Intermediate Lifecycle and Capability Courses – Part II

In my previous blog post I discussed what students need to do before taking the ITIL® intermediate and capability courses. In this post I’ll focus on tips you can utilise during and after the exam. During the course: A lifecycle course will be three days as opposed to a capability course which is five days, […]
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Tips for ITIL® Intermediate Lifecycle and Capability Courses – Part I

Before the course: You will receive pre-requisite material before the course starts. It’s important that we find time to go through this but as I’ve mentioned before, some students will find it hard to make time. So it’s crucial to at least get the basics right, which may not include going through the intermediate course […]
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ITIL® Training: Public or On-Site?

I recently carried out an event in Portugal and was asked the question by a client as to whether they should arrange public course training or on-site events. Both have a number of advantages, described below. Public Course Benefits: Public (in-person) courses provide an opportunity to share best practice knowledge with other delegates in the […]
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