What if You Could Use Motivation to Increase the Productivity of Your Project Team?

“Many of the gaps between performance and the levels required to achieve business goals are caused by a lack of motivation, not a lack of knowledge and skills.”   —Richard E. Clark Human performance is one of the greatest untapped resources of any organization. Current research suggests that leveraging motivational factors in the workplace can result […]
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Ways to Motivate Project Team Members

Project leaders can motivate team members by using more than the carrot and stick approach, but less than full empowerment. This post will look at a few ways to motivate project team members. One approach is to foster a project environment that helps people find true value and meaning in their work. A second approach […]
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Understanding the Whole Brain Model Can Help You be a Better Project Leader

Understanding Cognitive Differences Cognitive style refers to how a person perceives, processes, interprets, and uses information. Cognitive differences refer to approaches to perceiving and assimilating data, making decisions, and solving problems. Cognitive approaches are preferences that are not rigid, but most people have preferred habits of thought. One cognitive difference is between left-brained versus right-brained […]
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Three Things Your Project Team Wants: It’s NOT the Money

On today’s projects, it can be difficult to find ways to motivate the team without giving them a monetary incentive. How can you keep the project team members motivated, engaged and passionate — without having to dish out extra money? Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a Harvard Business School professor and author, writes in the Harvard Business […]
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Ready to Make a Change to Agile? Make it STICKY!

“Change means uncertainty; uncertainly breeds opportunity.”      Japanese saying  “Uncertainty is the breeding ground of all great possibility!”        Jennifer Chrisman Are you ready to adopt Agile project management to improve project delivery and complement and enhance “traditional” project management rigor? If yes, then you need a change management approach with actions that can make change happen — […]
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