Do You Know the New Names for Linux Network Interfaces?

Do you know how to check the IP address of a Linux server? “Of course!”, you say, and you type this: $ ifconfig eth0 Not anymore! Both the command ifconfig and the interface name eth0 have been obsolete for a few years now. However, many organizations still use something like Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, […]
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Red Hat’s NetworkManager and Firewall Daemon — Nice Ideas, But Not For My Server

I have a suggestion that may look strange at first, but bear with me: Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes two core networking services that should be disabled. Red Hat provides two operating systems, Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux or RHEL. My suggestion makes more sense when we consider how RHEL is developed. Both Fedora […]
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RHEL 7 New Features: Linux Network Commands With Iproute2

Goodbye ifconfig and netstat, Hello ip In my last post on RHEL 7 new features we looked at the network interfaces in RHEL 7. The next question we will look at is how do you examine and reconfigure the IP address, netmask, routing table, and other networking settings on Linux? The answer may surprise you. […]
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RHEL 7 Changes: Where Did My Network Interface Go?

There are enormous changes when upgrading from RHEL 6 to 7 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux).  It’s not that Red Hat decided to change almost everything. Several different communities working on different projects have independently made significant RHEL 7 changes. These occurred between the release of RHEL 6 in November, 2010, and the release of RHEL […]
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A Brief Introduction to Wireshark as a Security Tool

Wireshark is an open source protocol analyzer. It is “free” and runs on most platforms. Wireshark is a valuable tool for web programming, network troubleshooting and analyzing security issues. In this post we’ll look at a simple way to capture data and look at HTTP’s “Basic Authentication”. I’ll dive Windows instructions, but the operation is […]
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