Big Changes For Yahoo-Hosted Email

Frontier has been sending messages to its customers saying that the company has noticed their use of “a lower security sign-in that is sometimes used in third-party mail applications such as Outlook, IncrediMail, MacMail, Mozilla Thunderbird and others.” The message is somewhat vague and misleading. It gives the impression that these “third-party” tools don’t encrypt […]
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Federate Your Identities Carefully

Just what is Identify Federation? I always describe it as being like a driver’s license in the U.S. There is no national driver’s license, every state (plus the District of Columbia for the nation’s capital, plus Caribbean and Pacific territories) issues its own. They are, however, recognized from one state to another. I could use […]
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OAuth’s Creator Has Abandoned It. Should We Rely On It?

Last week I mentioned that some people think it would be a good idea to just use Facebook credentials for their corporate identity management. After all, Facebook is free. “And isn’t The Cloud supposed to be cheap to the point of being free?”, they ask. Many of their users already have Facebook identities. When you […]
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