Cloud Service Models: Comparing SaaS PaaS and IaaS

Defining what comprises Cloud Computing is hard because it is so many things. Many vendors do not help clarify it because labelling products as Cloud Computing makes them appear current and more relevant. Despite all the marketing hype, Cloud Computing can be readily broken down into one of three delivery models as defined by NIST […]
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Cloud Foundry: Taking PaaS to a New Level

Recently I posted about how Amazon continue to release innovative Cloud Computing services at a rate that is not matched by their competitors. Google, Microsoft and many others have been very slow in comparison. This week things changed. VMware have announced Cloud Foundry, something that totally disrupts the current Platform as a Service (PaaS) landscape. […]
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Google App Engine SDK Release New Features

With grabbing a lot of the Cloud Computing headlines over the last few weeks with its new releases, announcements and acquisition of Heroku, the news that Google have released Google App Engine SDK 1.4.0 was easily missed. I thought that I would highlight what this important release adds to the SDK as Google announced […]
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In past posts on Platform as a Service (PaaS) I have written about Heroku, a cloud based startup that delivers PaaS for Ruby developers. This month has acquired Heroku for $212 million in cash. It is interesting to consider how this acquisition fits into the Cloud Computing strategy. When considering Cloud Computing, Software […]
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Red Hat Offers PaaS

Last week Red Hat acquired Makara, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) vendor who offer complete solutions for deploying, managing monitoring and scaling applications in the cloud. This move positions Red Hat as a major provider now of Cloud Computing services, competing directly with Amazon, VMWare, Google and Microsoft. This move by Red Hat is […]
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