Who Cares If Ten Million Passwords Were Disclosed?

This past week (as I write this) security researcher Mark Burnett (who literally wrote the book on passwords) released ten million passwords gathered from security breaches. He went one step further and released the account names (without the domain part) of the associated email addresses. That’s a lot of passwords. Here’s why you should care. […]
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6 Security Tips for Your Holiday Shopping

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Cyber Week are over, but many of us still have holiday shopping to do. There are several precautions you should take while doing business online and in physical space to protect yourself from cyber thieves this busy holiday shopping season. 6 Security Tips Safe Browser– Of course, ensure that any sites on […]
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We are still picking bad passwords

SplashData released its list of common passwords in January, and the top is much like last year’s. ‘123456’ and ‘password’ lead the pack again. There are four interesting issues here: First, people still choose poor passwords. I guess that’s to be expected. After all, remembering a dozen or more passwords can be difficult. For some […]
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5 Things You Need To Do To Safeguard Your Information in 2015

Happy New Year! As we get back to work and recover from the holidays there are a few things to do to begin the year in cybersecurity. They may not all be fun, but they beat responding to even a handful of the 678 emails waiting in the inbox. Of course, there are lots of […]
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The Webcam Snooping Storm

On October 31 of this year, the website Motherboard started what became an international discussion of webcam security. Their article described a website that posted links to thousands of unsecured webcams where people could watch the cameras without any password or with a default password and without being noticed. Surfing for unsecured webcams isn’t new. […]
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