Hotel Security and the Internet of Things

The Hilton chain of hotels, a total of 11 brands, is rapidly increasing the degree to which customers can use their smart phones not only as reservation tools but as keys. They have announced that guests will, by the end of this year, be able to use their smart phones to select their room at […]
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Noisy Side-Channel Attacks Show Why True Security Is Difficult

In Learning Tree’s Cloud Security Essentials course we talk some about how security is difficult. Yes, there are issues of secure software implementation (the Heartbleed bug, for example) and cautious configuration, but the first step is designing a system that has a chance of being secure. As Ross Anderson explains in his textbook “Security Engineering” […]
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Happy New Year

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. I try to plan instead. So this year will be no exception. I have three goals when it comes to cybersecurtity: My first goal is to learn more about locks and physical security. I think I need to better understand how bad guys can break into facilities. I do […]
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Let’s Get Physical

Usually when we hear the term “cybersecurity” we think of things like passwords and firewalls. We seldom think of physical security. Yet physical security is just as critical or perhaps more than passwords or firewalls: A bad actor could likely compromise a system more easily if he or she had physical access.  It is far […]
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