Private Cloud Course Planning Meeting

Last week we held our planning meeting for our upcoming private cloud course. The main purpose of that meeting was to nail down the content we wish to cover in the four day class. In attendance were the course author, Arnold Villeneuve, the Learning Tree Product Manager and myself as technical editor. We worked long and […]
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Learning Tree Private Cloud Course: What Do You Think?

We are in the early stages of development for our upcoming course title tentatively named “Building a Private Cloud: Hands-on”. The course will be written by Arnold Villeneuve. Yours truly will be on-board as a technical editor. That gives me the opportunity to blog about the course as it goes from inception through to first […]
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Eucalyptus Private Cloud – First Impressions

In a recent post I mentioned that I was evaluating the Eucalyptus private cloud for use on Learning Tree’s Cloud Computing course. What I am keen to be able to add to the course is hands-on experience to attendees of provisioning resources from a private cloud and the associated tools for monitoring and controlling cloud […]
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Evaluating The Eucalyptus Private Cloud

It only seems like yesterday that I completed the latest revision of Learning Tree’s Introduction to Cloud Computing course and yet here I am working on the next one already. Thats the reality in a fast changing world like cloud computing, the course development process never really stops. The development team is always working behind […]
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Improved Amazon Private Cloud Security: EC2 Dedicated Instances

Back in October last year I posted an article titled ‘How Dedicated is Your Private Cloud ?‘. The main theme was that whilst organisations like Amazon offer private clouds on Amazon infrastructure, your virtual machines may actually be co-hosted on the same physical hardware as other organisations virtual machines. What is private in such scenarios […]
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