How to Use Scenarios to Avoid Project Surprises

To quote the Danish politician Karl Kristian Steincke “It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.” But predicting the future is what project management is all about. When things go wrong, scenarios can help you have a plan in place to recover. Project management is hard — you’re predicting when milestones will be met, how much money will […]
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Susan’s Pick for a Cool Project Planning Tool: WBS ChartPro

Sometimes I find myself struggling to see a hierarchical WBS representation of my project plan when I am using my favorite project planning tool.  Luckily, there is a way to get that “traditional WBS” view of things and still interact with your main project planning tool. WBS ChartPro is the tool that I use often in […]
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Closer Look: The Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring Knowledge Area

Sometimes our project success is directly related to the quality of planning that gets done. This is true for your overall project as well as for the business analysis activities to be done and the business analysis deliverables to be produced during the project life cycle. In the BABOK® Guide, these planning tasks are part […]
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Using Activity-Based Costing and a Cost Breakdown Structure

Activity-based costing is seen as the most accurate way to build a project budget. While top-down estimation has its advantages, it is not as accurate as starting at the bottom of your project’s WBS and aggregating project costs upward.  Activity-based costing requires that the folks involved in the estimating activities have some expertise in the work […]
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Develop WBS Checklist

Project managers are typically responsible for producing the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for a project.  The WBS is a key part of project planning. The project manager produces this deliverable with assistance from key project team members and stakeholders. They work together to subdivide major project deliverables and the associated project work into smaller, more […]
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