How Social Media Posts Can Lead to Identity Theft

For National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we are resharing some of our most popular cyber security blogs from the past year to ensure you are staying #CyberAware online – whether at home or in the office. Scrolling through Facebook the other day I saw meme “Comment below if you remember your childhood phone number.” I […]
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Do You Need Two-Step Authentication? Do You Store Pictures in the Cloud?

Honest. I heard there were some pictures of some celebrities leaked on the Internet. I didn’t seek them out, so it is hearsay, of course. My wife mightn’t have been too happy if I’d sought out those photos. The photos were allegedly taken from an Internet photo site. I have heard that the thieves guessed […]
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My Dog’s Name is “Chocolate Cookies”

When my father passed away my mother was in the hospital. I needed to access her bank account to pay some bills. They asked me for the account “password”. I told them I did not know, that my mother was unconscious and in the hospital. Then they asked the account security question: what was her […]
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