EC2 Security Revisited

A couple of weeks ago I was teaching Learning Tree’s Amazon Web Services course at our lovely Chicago area Education Center in Schaumburg, IL. In that class we provision a lot of AWS resources including several machine instances on EC2 for each attendee. Usually everything goes pretty smoothly. That week, however, we received an email […]
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A People Problem

It seems security breaches tend to be blamed on people more than technology –54% to 46%, in fact, according to CompTIA’s Tenth Annual Information Security Trends. Factors such as human error tend to beat out computer issues. They’re not talking about bad actors, either; it’s “lack of knowledge, expertise, and discipline,” according to the report. […]
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Learning It Right From the Start – Part 2

I am writing this on Hallowe’en.   A day – in modern times, at least – for children to dress up and ask for candy. While a few will dress as princesses, robots (as I did once as a child), pumpkins and politicians, many will dress to represent scary beings. I suppose that is appropriate, […]
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Security, Privacy and Compliance in the Cloud

I have been teaching Learning Tree’s Introduction to Cloud Computing Technologies course for almost two years now. I also teach the Cloud Security Essentials course. Each time I have taught these courses spirited discussions have arisen concerning the separate but related topics of Security, Privacy and Compliance. For example students that come from a healthcare […]
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The Bad Guys Use the Cloud Too

In the aftermath of the recent Sony PlayStation data breach, which is considered to be in the top 5 data breaches ever, the cloud is once again at the forefront of discussion. What is becoming clear is that hackers used servers provisioned on Amazon EC2 to launch the attack against Sony. Some are taking this […]
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