SQL Server 2016: Cloud, Olympics and SQL Server

Welcome to the second leg of Learning Tree’s SQL Server newsletter. By the time you read this newsletter the Olympics in Rio will likely be in full swing. I’m a big sports fan and I like the Olympics. With the Olympics being the pinnacle of so many different sports all in a two-week long event […]
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SQL Server 2016 enables the creation of natively compiled user-defined functions (UDFs). Since natively compiled UDFs can be used anywhere a function written in TSQL can be used, many people assumed that this would provide an easy route to faster functions. This is not quite the case. Some people even wrote compiled functions that called […]
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SQL Server 2016: Keeping Up With the Latest Technology

Welcome to the first ever Learning Tree SQL Server Newsletter. Thank you for signing up. The purpose of this Newsletter is to keep you up-to-date with the latest news in the world of SQL Server. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any feedback on the newsletter, on how it can be improved or […]
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SQL Server 2016: Columnstore Indexes

When ‘columnstore’ indexes were introduced in SQL Server 2012, they were solidly in the data warehouse and analytic camp. While providing impressive performance improvement for many queries of types commonly used in analysis, tables with ‘columnstore’ indexes were not able to be updated, rendering them useless for transaction processing applications. In SQL 2014 and again […]
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SQL Server 2016: Batch Mode Operators and the Query Optimizer

Previously, we’ve spoke of the value of batch mode processing in achieving optimum performance for analytical queries. Of course, a feature is worthless if the SQL Server query optimizer does not decide to use it. We also mentioned the curious fact that while the presence of a columnstore index is required for the optimizer to […]
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