Save Time Writing T-SQL With Templates and Code Snippets

Time-savers are most important when you are busy – that seems obvious. The unfortunate irony is that when you are busy you cannot take the time to create them. The creation of time-savers drops to low priority the minute the rush is over. Well, today I am going to fight my natural laziness and create […]
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Querying SQL Server Data from Matlab Using ADO

  Matlab has a database toolbox, but there are several reasons why you might decide to take matters into your own hands and query SQL Server data using the ADO library. One simple reason might be that you have not yet purchased the database toolbox but you want to get started now. Another reason is […]
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Which SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services Should I Choose?

Choices are always good; more selection means a greater chance of finding exactly what you want. In the world of analytical databases, however, it’s not always clear which choice best suits the needs of an organization. Such is the case with the SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services. The tabular mode of analysis services was introduced […]
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SQL Server Career: Gaining Experience

Learning Tree does not employ their instructors on a full time basis. Learning Tree instructors are brought in on an event by event basis to teach specific events in the technology or subject areas that they specialise. The rest of the time they will likely be working in a consulting, contracting or full time capacity […]
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Exploring SQL Server File I/O with Xperf

Xperf is designed for hardcore Windows programmers and systems analysts, but it can also be an invaluable tool for SQL Server developers and admins who need to find very detailed answers as a part of some performance evaluation. However, Xperf is also great fun for those SQL Server folks who just want to throw up […]
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