The 4 Reasons People Resist Change

If you want to have your good idea implemented then you have to make changes. Unfortunately, as people, we don’t like change and will actively resist it. Here are the four reasons people resist change and what you can do about each of them. Implementing a new idea means change and, as we all know, change is […]
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Which Comes First, Trust or Security?

Security enables trust; trust enables security. It is a dichotomy. When I was teaching Learning Tree’s System and Network Security Introduction, an online participant asked my opinion on the FBI-Apple case (the FBI hadn’t dropped it, yet). We discussed some of the issues, and the conversation quickly turned to trust. We both agreed that the […]
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The Internet Has Serious Trust Problems, Part 3: Subordinate CA Certificates Lead to Policy Changes

Last week and the week before I explained how the cryptographic side of digital certificates and secure web site identity works, as we discuss in in Learning Tree’s System and Network Security Introduction course, but there are continuing problems with corporate trust caused by what many see as misbehavior by root CAs.. ANSSI was discovered […]
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Are You an Ethical and Trustworthy Project Manager?

In order to be respected and trusted by your team and your stakeholders, you must behave ethically. That’s easy enough to say, but what exactly does that mean? In a nutshell, ethical people understand the difference between moral and immoral behavior and the standards that govern their own behavior. They act in a moral way […]
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