What Makes a Good Manager?

When you begin to assess the manager in your office, whether they’ve made a positive or negative impact on your outlook at work, there are some qualities to consider. Some of the key qualities required for a good manager are communication, motivation, and the ability to lead a team.

It begins with great communication. A manager’s ability to connect with their employees and throughout the office is essential. Great communication is the foundation in any business because if communication fails, the business could fail.

When you think of your manager do you see great communication? Are they directing you clearly, concisely and in a manner you can understand?

Alongside great communication, a manager needs to motivate their employees. Motivation is a positive tool that can be used anywhere at anytime. Having positive motivation in the office can increase the overall morale of the employees. This increase in morale creates a positive effect on the output of work. Do you see this kind of motivation from your manager?

Another quality of a good manager is someone who has the ability to lead their team. Leadership is an important characteristic of being a manager since managing employees is the main aspect of the job. A good test of leadership is to ask, “Is anyone willing to follow the manager?” A leader without a team is not a leader. A strong, dedicated team only results from respect, trust, open communication, and a history of good good decisions.

There are many great characteristics of a manager and these are just a few. When I reflect on the various management styles that I’ve seen of good leaders, there are many qualities to admire. When you look around you, what qualities do you see in your management? Your experience with management helps to define your ability to become a great manager by taking those qualities you admire most and applying them yourself. As you consider your experience, review the qualities that were the most effective and try to emulate them as you develop your own leadership style.

For help with this topic, see the following course:  Project Leadership: Building High Performance Teams.

Larry T. Barnard

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