Comparing PaaS with IaaS Revisited

A few months ago in response to being frequently asked about the differences between Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) I posted an article which discussed these differences. With the rapid change and developments in Cloud Computing I feel the subject needs revisiting. One of the main differences between PaaS […]
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Facebook Mobile Phones – A New Way of Accessing Cloud Computing ?

With the Mobile World Congress trade fair being held in Barcelona next week, after many rumours and denials about Facebook developing a mobile phone, the announcement has been made that there will not be a Facebook phone but rather Facebook phones made by many manufacturers!  The manufacturer INQ has announced two models, named the Cloud […]
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Developing Java Applications for Google App Engine

For anybody building and deploying Java Web applications, whether internal business applications or public facing applications for general usage, hosting the application is a primary consideration. Google App Engine (GAE) provides a hosting environment that is potentially suitable for both types of applications. Before choosing GAE as the deployment environment a number of decisions, both […]
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Amazon Mechanical Turk – Artificial Artificial Intelligence

One of the more interesting and unique products offered through Amazon Web Services (AWS) is Amazon Mechanical Turk. Perhaps more accurately described as “crowd computing” rather than “cloud computing”, Mechanical Turk, named after the famed fake chess-playing automaton, leverages the power of massive numbers of humans connected to the Internet to solve problems that require […]
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Amazon Announces Oracle Relational Database Service

In a recent post, I commented on how tend to announce new Cloud Computing products and services early whereas Amazon announce when the services are ready. Well today Amazon announced an Oracle Relational Database Service (RDS) that will not be available until quarter two 2011!  The reason given for the early announcement is that […]
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