How Not to be Jeremy Clarkson (At Least with Your Email)

You sent what you thought was an innocent email or tweet. Now you’re in trouble. How did this happen? How can you avoid it? How do you fix it? Here are the six rules you need to follow to keep your job.  Right now, Jeremy Clarkson (one of the hosts of the world’s most widely view […]
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Two Essential Skills for Technical Writing – Told Through A Love Story.

Here are three lists showing the five (or six) essential skills for explaining technical information successfully. All of those lists leave out the most important skill though, as the love story of a couple at a museum demonstrates. Here are three stories that probably don’t seem to have much to do with communicating “complicated stuff” effectively but, I […]
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Four Essential Criteria for a Project Manager’s Communication Plan

Of course, communicating with stakeholders is important in managing projects – and the statistics prove it. But it’s not really the communication you do that matters. It’s what you get back from the stakeholders that makes the difference. Statistics can, of course, lie…but the number of statistics that show a co-relation between communication and project […]
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Marketing: Four Steps in Communicating to Sell

There’s a simple four step process involved in convincing others to invest in you, your ideas, or your product. The major problem is that people get the steps in the wrong order…and skip the last step, which is critical. While I’ve written before about changing people’s minds, sometimes you want to go beyond that. Sometimes, […]
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How to Prevent Bad Information From Spreading – Lessons From Missing Flight 370

As the news around Malaysia Airlines flight 370 demonstrates, when people don’t have the information they need then they will invent it – and, typically, what they invent is much worse than reality. You have three options for dealing with missing information, including “communicating that you can’t communicate.” Failing to communicate isn’t one of them. If you […]
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