Beyond Bullet Points: How to Create Compelling PowerPoint Presentations

Ask yourself, “If I had only 60 seconds on the stage, what would I absolutely have to SAY TO GET MY POINT ACROSS?”      Jeff Dewar Microsoft PowerPoint is a commanding tool for creating visual screens for a presentation. Visuals created in PowerPoint and projected on a screen are often easy to see in a large […]
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Project Leadership Actions and Services for Communicating Effectively With a Virtual Project Team

Communicating effectively in a virtual project team has two main requirements: 1) careful attention to the task or activity and the emotional content (obvious or hidden) within the situation and 2) deliberate attention to the needs of the project team members and their desire for action or desired result in a timely and sensitive manner. […]
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How to Create Fantastic Flip Charts

“It’s a visual world and people respond to visuals.”     Joe Sacco Information written on flip charts enhances the learning process. During a presentation, the use of flip charts serves to inform participants, record information, and focus attention on a topic. They represent a simple, low-cost learning aid — with no requirements for power or technology, […]
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How to Use Gestures When Speaking and Traveling

“The most important thing in communications is hearing what isn’t said.” Peter F. Drucker Gestures are an important tool for a presenter. The challenge is make gestures support the speaking, reinforcing ideas. Below are several basic rules for the use of gestures: Make most gestures above the waist. (Those below the waist suggest failure, defeat, […]
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Getting People to Read Your Document

The picture is what people mean by “information overload:” crushed by incoming documents. But, unlike the person in the picture, in real life when people have too much information to deal with, they pick and choose what they’ll take the time to read. Most people won’t let themselves be buried and they’ll avoid that fate […]
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