Two Steps to Emails That Get Read

When you go to write your next email, start by realizing that your recipient probably doesn’t want to read your email at all. Fortunately, you can use that your advantage. Back when I had a job, I mentioned to my boss that I rewrote my emails two or three times before I sent them to him. […]
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Handling Difficult Conversations

While you may never have to fire anyone, there are all sorts of conversations that  you can have with a fellow employee that are going to be awkward and difficult for the both of you. It doesn’t have to be that way…provided that you ask the right questions. Scott Miller at the Bleacher Report has a depressing story […]
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Effective Communication: The Four Most Common Errors in Taking the Reader’s Point of View

Making sure that you take your reader’s point of view is the starting point for communicating effectively. Here are the four most common errors that writers make when trying to think like their readers, along with how to spot those mistakes and how to correct them. I shouldn’t say this out loud but, as an editor, […]
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What You Can Learn from Clickbait

People who write clickbait, designed to trick you, are the worst. That doesn’t mean there isn’t something your can learn from clickbait — it is, after all, designed to get you to read something which is what you want. What can you learn from clickbait that won’t make you feel like a jerk in the morning? […]
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Helping Your Readers Find What They Want: The Only Four Things You Need to Know About Fonts

With these four rules you can ensure that your fonts do what matters: Help your readers find what they’re looking for in your document. Picking the right fonts for your documents doesn’t have to be like a wine tasting event. I know that discussing fonts can start to sound like a snob at a wine tasting […]
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