Four Steps to Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

Do your slides suck the life out of your PowerPoint presentations?  If so, here are four critical steps to creating great PowerPoint slides that you can use right now. I think we can all agree that the PowerPoint slide in the picture is truly ugly. I’m embarrassed to say that, recently, one of my sons created […]
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How to Gain Influence by Identifying Your Real Audiences

Both influencing others and successful negotiation depend on figuring out who you’re talking to…and that’s not always obvious. In fact, sometimes you’ll be dealing with multiple audiences. Knowing who your audience is critical when you are trying to influence others and have no direct authority over them(there are lots of other things to consider, too, […]
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How to Stop Letting Weasel Words Waste Your Time

Many documents (including emails) give the appearance of saying something but don’t. Reading those documents are a waste of your time; Writing those documents is a waste of both your time and your readers’ time. Here’s how to spot the problem and, more importantly, how to avoid it. I like the sign in the picture: […]
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Recovering from Saying Something Stupid: Or, How Not to be “The Food Babe”

Vani Deva Hari, whose blog “The Food Babe” has recently been the target of criticism, provides an example of what not to do when someone points out your mistakes. Handled correctly, a mistake can be an opportunity to improve the trust people place in you. In a recent Jeremy Clarkson blog post, I used Jeremy Clarkson […]
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Two Rules for Eliminating “Unclarity” In Your Writing (and a bonus)

Here are two places where writers regularly destroy clarity. Get these wrong and you’ll lose your readers — and you’ll also be judged (plus, a postscript on using commas correctly). After talking in an earlier post about how even the bedrocks of technical writing (precision, clarity, and concision) are driven by the reader, I do have to admit […]
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