How Do We Align Business-IT Strategies Where Trust Is Lacking?

In business enterprises with low maturity IT organizations, IT is traditionally perceived to be a “necessary evil” and treated as a cost center because of the following key business reasons: IT costs are taxed across all businesses/customers irrespective of whether a particular business/customer uses any of the ‘things’ provided by IT or not. These “things” […]
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Short-Term Wins: A Sprinkle of Constant Value in ITIL® Implementation

When implementing ITIL we have to ensure a balance is made between short-term and long-term wins. A good starting point is to arrange a workshop with all your key stakeholders to identify the outcome required from the implementation. Working backwards from the outcome will allow you to set targets and therefore the necessary milestones that […]
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Study Tips for the ITIL Foundation Exam

In today’s blog I’ll highlight tips to help you prepare for the ITIL Foundation Course. To ensure the best experience and that you pass your exam, you’ll want to be prepared. Before the course It’s important to review the topics that will be covered in the course, and Learning Tree International will provide pre-requisite material. […]
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What Organizational Maturity Level Is Appropriate for You?

Having discussed the various maturity levels in my previous blog, next important question for you is to ask yourself what level is appropriate for your business and customers. Do all IT organizations aspire to become ‘value-add’ business partners with their customers? One can simply argue that if any of the core business process is automated/enabled […]
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Understanding Organizational Maturity Levels

The extent to which a business enterprise is able to exploit IT capabilities to achieve its business objectives is determined by the maturity of its IT organization. ITILv3 provides a set of good practices in order to build IT capabilities so that it is able to deliver what IT organization’s businesses and/or customers are looking […]
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