ITIL Practitioner Certification: Value to Students and Organizations

The ITIL Practitioner will act as a complimentary and enhancing qualification, to all other ITIL qualifications after the ITIL foundation has been successfully achieved. While the ITIL Foundation qualification confirms a high level of understanding of IT best practice, it also introduces all the relevant basic concepts – the ‘how’ is addressed only very briefly. […]
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ITIL Practitioner Certification: Revision Tips

The ITIL Practitioner Certification examination provides 5 scenarios, but in reality, the ITIL® Practitioner Guidance is applicable to all types of organizations and all levels of enhancements to best practice. Before the Exam I would recommend that you spend considerable time going through the scenarios before the exam. You will need to be in a […]
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When should I consider taking the ITIL Practitioner Certification?

Since the release of the new qualification, I’ve been approached by many students as to when they should consider taking the qualification. Should they do this before or after an intermediate certification, or should they consider this after achieving the ITIL expert certification? These are all very good questions and I’m sure many people around […]
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ITIL Practitioner: Four Key Challenges

With every new qualification, challenges will present themselves, inside and outside the classroom environment. Students that have already taken the ITIL Foundation, and no other intermediate certification will need to ensure they remain up-to-date with the ITIL Foundation knowledge going into the ITIL Practitioner certification. I would recommend, reviewing your ITIL Foundation material before attending/completing […]
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ITIL Practitioner: The future of ITIL

Over recent years, organizations have made numerous investments in ITIL® training but a common theme has arisen; staff are becoming certified, but are still struggling with adopting and adapting to the ITIL framework. Some have almost lost faith in the framework and even the benefits of training staff on the best practice. With the introduction […]
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