Security and Mobile Devices

My recent work has lead me to consider the security (or is that lack of security?) associated with mobile devices. One of the things which lead to the early success of the Blackberry was without doubt that it was designed to interface to an enterprise infrastructure in a secure and controlled way. Unfortunately for those […]
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New iPhone in the Pipeline?

Rumours continued to strengthen this week that Apple are having 4″ (~10cm) screens manufactured for a new generation of iPhone. Current iPhone displays measure 3.5″ (~9cm) across the diagonal. Apple and rumours go together like salt and pepper of course (and many of them can be taken with a pinch of the former) but reports […]
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Tablet Keyboards: Pros and Cons

In a previous entry, I talked about my attempt to survive through a working week without a laptop. There is so much to say that I’ve decided to return to the topic and look at one of the biggest issues I encountered, the keyboard. The biggest problem I encountered when trying to replace my laptop […]
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World Wide Developer Conference 2012

The Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2012 will take place from June 11-15 in San Francisco, CA, providing an opportunity for developers to tap into Apple’s latest innovations in iOS and Mac OS development. Such is the demand for this event, the tickets sold out within two hours of becoming available on April 25! […]
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Can a Tablet Replace a Laptop?

The challenge: try to survive for an entire week using an Android tablet instead of a laptop. Working both as a consultant and instructor inevitably requires spending a great deal of time away from the home office. Lugging a laptop has become habitual: I even take the thing on holiday with me! As a significant […]
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