Executing DAX Queries From R

Christine, a student in Learning Tree’s course SQL Server Analysis Services for Business Intelligence, writes “I just created my first Analysis Services tabular model database, and I am having lots of fun. But now I want to do some more sophisticated statistical analysis using R. I can’t seem to find a way to use DAX […]
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Monitoring SQL Server Wait Stats: Interpreting CPU Waits

Interpreting CPU-Related SQL Server Wait Stats A stockbroker once told me he had made a poor decision because he had been mislead by the numbers. A curious choice of words, indeed; it was as if he were an innocent bystander who had been deceived by the nefarious digits on some spreadsheet. In any sort of […]
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Get Started Monitoring SQL Server Wait Stats

Amy P., a student in Learning Tree’s 535 Class, Developing High Performance SQL Server Databases, asks “There are so many waits and so many different wait types, I’m confused.” Well, actually, that’s a statement, not a question, but I know what you mean. You get the impression that SQL Server wait stats can be an […]
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SQL Server 2014 New Features: How to Create and Test a Clustered Columnstore Index

How to Create a Clustered Columnstore Index In my last post we looked at what are clustered columnstore indexes, their benefits and how they have changed in SQL Server 2014. Now, let’s learn how to create one.  Since we would like to make some performance measurements on a clustered columnstore index, we will use a sample […]
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SQL Server 2014 New Features: Clustered Columnstore Index Features

Clustered Columnstore Indexes – Enforcing Uniqueness and Creating Nonclustered Indexes We have seen that once a table has been physically implemented as a clustered columnstore index, further indexes are not supported. We shall now take a look at how to circumvent this limitation, albeit at the cost, perhaps substantial, of additional hard drive space. While […]
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