CBAP Knowledge and Comprehension Style Exam Questions

Preparing for the IIBA’s CBAP® or CCBA™certification exam can be a lot of work. One piece of advice is for you to get familiar with the types of questions found on those exams. That provides you with a useful look at how the stuff you are studying might be presented to you in an actual exam question.  The majority of the questions folks seem to be facing on their CBAP® or CCBA™ exam seem to fall into two  categories: knowledge questions and comprehension questions.  
Knowledge questions test your ability to know specific facts and recall information that you have learned. This information may be straight from the BABOK® Guide, or it may be something you have learned from another source or your own experience as a business analyst. These questions are very straightforward, and remind us of the traditional multiple choice exam questions. Here is an example of a knowledge question for the CBAP® and CCBA™ certification exams:
Which type of requirement typically describes high-level organizational needs?
   A.   Business
   B.   Stakeholder
   C.   Functional
   D.   Transition
This is a “define the term” question, and the correct answer is A. As stated in the BABOK® Guide glossary, business requirements describe the higher level business rationale for your project or initiative. Answering this question correctly requires you to recall the definitions for the different types of requirements described in the BABOK® Guide.
In comparison, comprehension questions require you to interpret facts and understand meanings. This is a step up from a knowledge question, where simple memorization and recall usually provides you with the correct answer. Here is an example of a comprehension question:
What type of requirements contains the environmental conditions of the solution?
   A.    Transition requirements
   B.    Stakeholder requirements
   C.    Business requirements
   D.    Solution requirements
This is a “check your understanding” question, and the correct answer is D. As stated in the BABOK® Guide glossary, solution requirements include both functional and non-functional requirements for a particular project. This question requires understanding of the requirements types and the knowledge that environmental conditions are nonfunctional requirements which are a subset of the solution requirements.

Well, that’s it for our quick look at comprehension and knowledge questions. Beware that many questions and answers on your exam may not be “word for word” from the BABOK® Guide, so it is important that you be able to understand and relate what you know versus just memorizing things and hoping for the best.

Susan Weese

Business analysts are increasingly becoming the critical liaisons between business and solution development (oftentimes IT), so they must communicate and relate with equal effectiveness throughout all levels of an organization. Download this free White Paper to learn how to address common business analysis mistakes.

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