Cloud 2.0 : The Rapid Evolution of the Cloud

When the internet boom came along in the mid nineties a common phrase used was Internet time, referring to the speed at which the Internet was developing and the rate at which organizations had to move to maintain competitive advantage. Ten years later the phrase Web 2.0 emerged as a term encompassing the new social Web applications that were being developed such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

One of the advantages cloud computing offers organizations is the ability to move quickly – rapidly provisioning infrastructure and platforms as well as instantaneous access to applications. It is interesting therefore to see the term Cloud 2.0 being used now barely two years after cloud computing emerging as the next revolutionary evolution in computing.

So what exactly is cloud 2.0 ? It is a term that really applies to software and platforms rather than infrastructure as a service. are using the term and it represents the next stage in the development of their cloud based applications. The first stage of the cloud delivery model, software as a service(SaaS), is providing access to applications with similar functionality to desktop applications but hosted in the cloud with the advantages that brings (access anywhere, scalable, etc). This has proved incredibly successful already. This type of software service is termed cloud 1.0.

The term cloud 2.0 describes SaaS that integrates Web 2.0 social networking features and functionality into cloud based applications. An example of this is Chatter from which provides a twitter type facility to the CRM application suite. A key feature here is collaboration and sharing of information between users in real-time for business benefit. have also made these features available in their PaaS, The recent acquisition of Jigsaw by adds further Web 2.0 functionality to their cloud platform. Jigsaw is a software service delivering business contact information.

So whilst many companies are evaluating the cloud and considering adopting the cloud, the pioneers have already developed and offering the second generation of cloud products. Its exciting times in the cloud world ! If you need a jumpstart into what the cloud can offer why not consider taking an effective training course that will provide you a hands-on pragmatic view of the state of the art.


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