Cloud Computing Course Under Way

I am over in Rockville, MD presenting the Hands-On Cloud Computing course. Its always exciting on day one to find out who is attending and what their motivations are. I have a great class of 14 attendees, two of which are attending remotely using AnyWare. There is a strong government presence and also a number of consultants keen to upgrade their skill set. Completing the list is a sprinkling of people from private corporations keen to learn how to exploit the benefits of the cloud. Having defined cloud computing and introduced the architecture of the cloud, attendees then had a lot of fun working with and experimenting with SaaS, building their own interactive Web site.

Moving onto discussing business and technical advantages of the cloud, a recurring theme was the concern for security. The course has a primer in security which was completed by an exercise in securing an application. As well as security being a primary concern amongst attendees, another common experience is a resistance to cloud adoption within organisations due to the perceived negative impact on employment. This is particularly the case for system administrators and technical support personnel.

So day one completed with everybody clear on what cloud computing is, the architecture and advantages both technical and business that the cloud can bring. Here’s looking forward to day two where attendees will begin building applications for the cloud !


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