Cloud Computing Increases Value of Tape Storage

Over the last few months in my consulting activities, I have seen a far more open minded approach to cloud computing emerging, with individuals and organisations certainly now more willing to consider or adopt cloud computing when only twelve months ago they would have had a long list of reasons (mostly misconceptions by the way) for not at least considering cloud computing. Whilst cost benefits have always been one of the main marketing messages, other business benefits moving to cloud computing can bring have often been obscured.

If I had to choose one area that organisations most often choose to evaluate cloud computing, then it has to be storage solutions. They are willing to move at least some data to a cloud provider. Once fully aware of what can be achieved with data in the cloud, the extra value that can be gained, they have a totally different view of cloud computing. As an example, I recently came across an organisation that had significant amounts of data archived on tapes and also in disk platters. This data has a large amount of potentially useful information embedded within it. Releasing the value within this data, using tools such as Hadoop, would bring big advantages for the company. By uploading this historical data to cloud storage the data can be analysed with the latest analytical tools providing the business with real competitive value. This of course all achieved with no impact on the on-premise computing infrastructure and is an example of the additional benefits cloud computing can bring.

In summary, it is great to see the overall positive attitude to cloud computing emerging. Those companies that do embrace cloud computing are finding that it is not only just a like-for-like replacement or supplement to on-premise facilities, but its flexibility and on-demand availability are enablers to undertake tasks and open opportunities that would not have been available with more traditional IT models. If you would like to find out more about cloud computing, why not consider attending Learning Tree’s Introduction to Cloud Computing course, where the wide range of opportunities that become available are discussed together with the business and technical merits.

Chris Czarnecki

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