Cloud Computing: Is it Really New ?

When I recently taught the Learning Tree Cloud Computing Course, after the first section where we define cloud computing and begin to explain the components, an attendee asked me: “Is this really new ?”. The answer is both yes and no ! Essentially it is not new technology but a convergence of technology and business need.

Cloud computing is many things, from computing infrastructure (servers, networks, load balancers etc) to applications. What all of these allow is an organisation to be more agile, enabling ideas to be acted upon and delivered in a way that is faster and cheaper than has ever been achievable before with a significant reduction in both business and technical risk. The pay-as-you-use model facilitates this.

What has emerged is a number of products and tools from cloud computing vendors such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google and amongst many others that aim to make the usage of cloud computing simple flexible yet extremely powerful. It is these tools and products that are new and require new knowledge and skills. During the Learning Tree introductory course we cover these products and tools at a high level to show their capabilities. For those that are then interested in vendor specific details follow-on courses are available for instance for Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

If you would like to understand more about cloud computing it is worth considering attending one of the Learning Tree courses that provide you with hands-on experience of Cloud Computing together with the knowledge that will enable you to exploit cloud computing to the maximum benefit of your organisation. A list of the courses available can be found here.

Chris Czarnecki

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