Cloud Computing is Perfect Fit For Mobile Working

This week I read an article about a company named Fresh Marketing. This company helps brands find new export markets where the brands have struggled to make an impact. They initially started with an office in London in 2006, but it became apparent to the two founders that London was not for them. One owner wanted to move to Dorset in the UK and the other to Scotland, thats two very different locations, so how did they resolve this difference ?.

The answer is simple. They both moved to their desired locations opening small offices in each location. To facilitate this the company decided to use ‘Cloud’-based IT and accounting systems. This means they can be accessed from anywhere which is perfect given that the core business required a lot of worldwide travel. The founders only meet around twice a month, using services like Skype video calls to keep in touch.

Whilst Fresh Marketing have adopted Cloud Computing to help build their business, many entrepreneurs have been slow to take up the idea of cloud computing, citing concerns over reliability and security. These are valid concerns but they are concerns for every IT system whether cloud based or in house. By adopting Cloud Computing Fresh Marketing have given themselves many advantages that most organisations could benefit from including:

  • IT costs proportional to usage
  • IT capacity scales seamlessly in line with company growth
  • Minimal IT administration – no installation, upgrades, license fees
  • Access from anywhere
  • Improved information sharing and collaboration tools

These are just some of the benefits that organisations can expect from Cloud Computing. If you are interested in how Cloud Computing could benefit your organisation or have concerns and would like to evaluate the risks, why not consider attending Learning Trees Hands-On Cloud Computing course. It provides both a technical and business evaluation of Cloud Computing as well as showcasing the leading products from major vendors.

Chris Czarnecki

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