Cloud Computing Key Enabling Lean Startups

Last week saw the GeeknRolla conference in London. This conference has been hugely successful in bringing European startups and investors together and has proved a great place to share ideas on how best to build/run a startup. For start ups these days, being lean is key and the lean startup methodology highlights techniques for achieving this.

In todays tight financial environment, where large organisations are fighting to keep costs under control, startup companies have a big advantage, being able to take advantage of all the money savings techniques available. This includes business related concerns such as lower rents for premises. To me, the most interesting aspect of last weeks conference, to quote the BBC’s Sharif Sakr, was the “almost evangelical desire to spread the word about how new technology can boost efficiency at any type of company”. The reason I liked this – the new technology is Cloud Computing and something I have been telling Learning Tree attendees about for the last year and a half.

Investor Michael Jackson of Mangrove Capital said that “even five years ago, small businesses would not have had access to half the tools that are available on the internet today”. A number of startup founders commented that the pay-as-you go model of Cloud Computing made access to all aspects of computing: applications, servers, networks easy and cost efficient. The costs being in proportion to usage, so as the business grows, so does revenue to more than cover the increase in IT utilisation. Also, management of a large part of the IT infrastructure is handled by others outside the organisation. No more obsolete servers or software updates !

In summary it was refreshing to hear how Cloud Computing is enabling startups grow rapidly, focusing on what they do best: build their business and Cloud Computing is facilitating this, making IT an easy to access business tool rather than a costly hindrance/obstacle to progress. Also, interestingly, the startups were keen to emphasise how all organisations should be benefiting from Cloud Computing, but were happy to let their competitors ignore the benefits, whilst they moved ahead.

If you are interested in how Cloud Computing can benefit your organisation, why not consider attending Learning Trees 3 day course which provides hands-on experience of all the major Cloud Computing services and discusses how these could benefit your organisation. If you are time constrained, why not attend the half-day overview course, using Anyware from your workplace. Whatever the size of your organisation, you will learn how to move your IT along at the same pace as startups.


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