Cloud Computing Promises: Fact or Fiction?

introduction-to-cloud-computing-technologies-trainingCloud computing is currently making information technology headlines, and vendors are aggressively promoting the many benefits it can provide organizations. These benefits appear so compelling that on the surface it seems all IT can and should be moved “into the cloud”. Upon closer inspection, however, for every benefit cited, questions can also be raised. Follow this blog series as we look at 10 claims and questions that are often raised in relation to cloud computing and provides a clear view of what the cloud can—and can’t—deliver.  Here’s a look at promise number one –

Promise #1- Cloud Computing Technology is Revolutionary

Although the highly automated aspects of cloud-based information technology platforms could be considered new, cloud computing itself is not a technology. It is the combination and integration of a number of technologies. Cloud computing is an evolutionary stage based on the maturity of a number of technologies. Those that have facilitate cloud computing include:

• High-speed networks

• Extremely powerful and low-cost compute power and memory

• Virtualization technology – processors, storage and networks

• Software that manages large-scale virtualized systems

• Stability and wide acceptance of the Internet, including mobile Internet usage

The progress of the above technologies has coincided with a period when global economic conditions have forced organizations to streamline and maximize cost efficiencies; therefore, business needs have driven the evolution of IT delivery into what is now called cloud computing, rather than it being a new revolutionary technology.

Stay tuned for our next post – All Software Applications Delivered over the Internet Are Cloud Computing.

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