Is Your IT Staff Prepared for Cloud Computing?

I have read a number of articles recently that have highlighted a lack of skills in Cloud Computing for IT staff. An example being a survey from Symantec that highlighted, of the organisations surveyed about half of IT staff said they were “less than somewhat prepared” for a move to cloud computing. With this in mind I thought it may be useful to draw a roadmap of the Cloud Computing Courses Learning Tree has with some guidelines on who they are targeted at and suitable for.

For people who are unsure as to what Cloud Computing is and would like to gain exposure to the products from the major vendors and determine how Cloud Computing could benefit their organisations, the Introduction to Cloud Computing is a great start. This course is suitable for both technical and management personnel. This course has proven to be extremely valuable to all attendees – even those who thought they knew what Cloud Computing is.

A more focused and detailed set of courses can be found as follow-on’s to the introduction course. Vendor specific courses include:

Whilst these are vendor specific courses, Learning Tree has no commercial links with these companies and aims to provide a balanced, independent view on the products and services.

For those whom security of Cloud Computing is a responsibility or a concern, the Securing the Cloud is a great course providing technical details and practical examples of how to secure all aspects of Cloud Computing, and highlighting how it differs from traditional security requirements. Anybody wishing to gain hands-on experience of building a private cloud and the benefits from such a solution should attend the Implementing a Private Cloud Solution course.This course also discusses integrating public and private clouds for hybrid solutions.

Those involved in the US Governments Cloud First initiative would benefit from the one day Cloud First course that details the strategies and options for IT managers. Finally, anybody who would like a high level overview of Cloud Computing may benefit from the half day Cloud Overview course that is delivered remotely so can be attended from your workplace. This course provides an overview of Cloud Computing and why it is important for your organisation.

All of the above courses provide in depth coverage and analysis of Cloud Computing technologies and are delivered by industry practitioners who have a passion for teaching. If you are interested in enrolling on one of these courses, the schedule and details can be found here. I hope to see you at one of these classes soon.

Chris Czarnecki

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