Cloud Computing Training: Balancing the Requirements

I’m back in the UK after presenting the latest run of our new Cloud Computing training course. Although a new course, it has been extremely popular, keeping us busy since its launch.  As author, after a teach its always good to reflect on the content and see how it can be improved.  Attendee feedback plays a big role in this as does instructor experience.

My feeling is that we have the course content pretty well balanced in that it meets the requirements of management wanting to know what cloud computing is about and also developers wanting to know how to develop for specific platforms.  During the course, attendees get lots of hands-on experience with public clouds such as Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2 and amongst others. One thing that I do believe the course could benefit from is a hands-on exposure to private clouds.  With this in mind, I have arranged a meeting tomorrow with Eucalyptus Systems, to see how we can incorporate their private cloud into the course.  Eucalyptus have some exciting new developments, in particular the new support for Windows operating system.

With partners including VMWare, Hewlett Packard and Dell, Eucalyptus is a premium product.  It is my firm belief that cloud computing will make a big impact on how organisations provision their in-house IT infrastructure, once the benefits of this approach begin to be realised more widely.  Eucalyptus, being open source but also providing a premium enterprise edition appears to be perfectly positioned to provide a solution to this scenario and so would be a perfect addition to the products we provide detail on during the course.  Maybe I will see you on one of our next sessions!  Please check out our North American & UK schedules of upcoming sessions.


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