Cost Effective Hosting of Static Web Sites on Amazon S3

Many organisations have simple Web sites that are built totally from static content. Hosting such an application is something that is not readily catered for by hosting providers. They typically provide solutions for dynamic Web sites that make use of scripts written in languages such as Java, C#, PHP or similar languages and use a database. Static sites do not require this functionality yet often the only hosting option is a dynamic Web site package that is more expensive than necessary.

Amazon AWS have a solution for static Web sites that is both simple and cost effective. This solution is built around the Amazon AWS Simple Storage Service (S3). S3 is a highly durable storage infrastructure designed for mission critical and primary data storage. Storage is charged per GB of storage per month and averages around $0.12 per GB per month – it varies slightly per region. Requests for read and write are then charged around $0.01 per 1000 requests.

S3 storage can be configured as a Web site. The domain name of the Web site has the CNAME mapped to the URL to the root of the S3 storage and the storage returns the home page of the Web site. This is very simple cost effective way of hosting a static Web site. Consider a site that requires 10GB of storage and has on average 100,000 requests per month. The AWS hosting costs approximate to $2.2 per month ! The other costs involved are the bandwidth costs that approximate to $0.100 per GB in and $0.15 per GB out although the first 1GB of data out per month has no charge.

So summarising, Amazon S3 is a highly attractive solution for static Web site hosting. In addition to the low cost, it also will scale transparently with variations in load, storage is replicated for reliability and availability and cost is proportional to usage. If you are interested in how you or your organisation can potentially benefit from Cloud Computing and the products offered by the major vendors such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, amongst others, why not consider attending Learning Trees Cloud Computing course.


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