Cyber Security: Key Elements for Success – Author Talks About the New 1-day Express Bootcamp Course

I spoke with Adrian Bryan recently author of Course 4520: “Cyber Security: Key Elements for Success.” One of Learning Tree’s new Express Bootcamps. I’m the technical editor of the new course set to debut January 29th, 2015. Adrian gave me some information about the course to share with you.


Q) What is this course about?

A) This course provides an introduction to the four pillars of cyber security and their impact on an organization. Attendees examine real cyber attacks and countermeasures to deploy against them.

Q) Who will benefit from this course?

A) Anyone interested in the learning the fundamentals of cyber security or those beginning to explore the landscape of system and network security.

Q) What background do I need?

A) Participants are expected to be familiar with using Microsoft Windows. Familiarity with basic networking is also useful.

Q) Can I take this course via AnyWare or do I have to go to an Education Center?

A) All the 1-day bootcamps are available only online via AnyWare! You can take them from anywhere that has good Internet. They are not offered live in-class at Education Centers at this time however you can come to one of our 60+ global AnyWare Learning Centers for an optimum online experience.

Q) What is the “bonus hour”?

A) It will consist of a question and answer session, followed by a chance to do some more in-depth hands-on exercises.

Q) Can you tell me about the “project”?

A) Having become familiar with the fundamentals, this is a chance for students to use Internet resources to carry out self-paced research into current cyber security issues.

Q) Is the project a requirement? Will it be graded?

A) The project is entirely optional. There will be no formal grading of the project. However, students can choose to use their free hour of post-course consultancy to discuss their work with the instructor.

Q) Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A) This course is an ideal way for someone who is new to the topic, and cannot afford the extra time required for our standard 4-day course, to become familiar with the principals of cyber security.

You can have a look at the full description of this new cyber security course here. This course offers after course coaching by the instructor as well as access to the Computing Sandbox.

As technical editor I participate in the development of the course and review the contents, so I may be a bit biased, but I do like this course for those who want a basic introduction to cyber security, but don’t want to spend four days in a class.

If there are other cyber security topics you’d like to see in a 1-day format, let us know in the comments below.

To your safe computing,
John McDermott

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