Dell Becomes Cloud Computing Provider

This week Dell has announced that they are to be a Cloud Computing provider. They will provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) built on VMware technology. Dell will provide facilities for both public and private clouds where computing and storage facilities will be available on demand. In an effort to distinguish itself from services such as Amazon AWS, Dell have announced different pricing strategies including:

  • Pay as you go
  • Reserved
  • Dedicated

Reserved and dedicated will be attractively priced compared to pay-as-you go to encourage users to sign up for longer term contracts. I am not sure these are any different from Amazons reserved instances but we will have to wait for the details to be published. An interesting aspect of the Dell cloud is that they have announced plans to also have Azure and OpenStack clouds in the future. This will be really interesting to see how pricing will compare with the Microsoft Azure cloud.

This new development is a welcome addition to the Cloud Computing world as it offers greater choice, reduces vendor tie in and the competition means consumers should benefit with more attractive pricing. With future developments it is easy to envisage Dell selling private clouds pre-installed for on-premise deployment in much the same way they sell server machines with pre-installed software ready to go. I await the release of the Dell cloud which should be in quarter 4 of 2011 and will let you know once I have evaluated it.

Chris Czarnecki

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