Does Being a PMP Really Make a Difference?

Many folks ask me if holding a PMP credential makes a difference in my work as a renegade project manager.  The answer, simply stated is “Yes!”  Job opportunities these days tend to filter out people who are not certified in their areas of expertise, regardless of their years of experience.  I have always viewed professional certifications as a means to have more arrows in the quiver when I am working.  Mastering a world-class set of project management skills, tools and techniques makes me a better on-the-job project manager and a more informed decision-maker.  

My daughter is just starting out in the work world, and she is currently preparing to sit PMI’s CAPM examination.  Even when you are new to the project management discipline, the knowledge and possibilities found in the PMBOK Guide are a tremendous resource for getting the job done.  It’s much better to start with practical knowledge and then applying it to your projects.  As my daughter said to me “It sure beats guessing, Mom.” Boy, has she got that right. Plus the hard work that it takes to prepare for and to pass these exams is certainly a measure of your character and determination!

It’s nice to know that I am not alone in my belief that being a PMP adds value. In a sample copy of the online PMP Passport, PMI profiles a group of experienced program and project managers.  The focus of this short, informative article is four stories about how being a certified PMP helped them to obtain their current global work assignments in their respective organizations:   

A copy of the current PMBOK Guide is a required reference material in any project manager’s bookshelf!  Project managers seeking to enhance their knowledge, skills and professional credibility should consider PMI’s suite of certification exams, including the CAPM exam for newer project managers and the PMP exam for more experienced folks.  Learning Tree offers two excellent certification courses for folks interested in becoming CAPM or a PMP, so be sure to check it out!    

Susan Weese

Using the PMBOK® Guide to Build a Practical Project Management Process – Position Paper

This Position Paper offers an instructive and insightful approach to applying the various principles of the PMBOK® Guide (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, 4th Edition) when building a project management process that aligns with the unique needs and structure of your organization.  Download your free copy here!

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