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I just received an email from a student asking me what stubbing in SharePoint was. She was quite concerned what it meant for her and what needed to be done.

SharePoint stores all content, documents, images, etc. inside a database by default. Some database administrators are afraid of database growth and size so they look for techniques to reduce the size of the database for maintenance. One technique is to store only a small file pointer (stub) in the database and store the actual document(s) outside the database. Since the stub is tiny compared to the document, the database does not grow as rapidly. Stubbing is implemented on the server technically and is transparent to the user.

I continue to see SharePoint users trying to decipher technical jargon, and technical people so wrapped up in what they are saying that they forget the impact on end users and what they are actually trying to accomplish. If you are one of these technical people, take a moment, think about your audience, your users, and reframe your dialogue accordingly.

For more information about SharePoint archiving and storage, check out this blog:  Stubbing Documents in SharePoint.

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