Eucalyptus: 9 Steps To Your Own Private Cloud

Private cloud computing is, after security, the most asked about subject on the Learning Tree cloud computing course. Attendees are interested in many different aspects including products from different vendors, infrastructure requirements, adherence to standards and ease of use. For any organisation wishing to evaluate a private cloud, or run a small private cloud then Eucalyptus FastStart is a great way to get up and running.

The installation of this cloud is a simple 9 step process and results in a private cloud that has the core components of Eucalyptus deployed including the cloud Controller (CLC), Walrus S3 storage, Cluster Controller (CC), Storage Controller(SC) and Node Controller(NC). Attendees of Learning Tree’s cloud course will be familiar with these components and how they integrate to form a cloud that is compatible with, and can be integrated with Amazon EC2.

For installation, two machines are required minimally both running CentOS 5.6. One of the machines requires a minimum of 100GB disk space and 4-8GB RAM.This machine hosts the CLC, Walrus, CC and SC. The second machine also requires 100GB disk space and 4GB RAM. With the hardware in place, all that is required to install the Eucalyptus FastStart private cloud is to follow the 9 steps published in the setup guide found here. The first step is installing CentOS. Its a very simple process and once complete provides an ideal testbed for evaluating private cloud computing.

Chris Czarnecki

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