Eucalyptus Private Cloud Experience

A new revision of Learning Tree’s Cloud Computing course has been released this week and the section on private cloud’s now includes hands-on experience of using the Eucalyptus private cloud. One of the challenges for me when making the latest changes to the course was balancing the practical work so that it satisfies the target audience.

This particular course has a target audience of both technical and managerial attendees – the aim being that technical people will gain from understanding the business aspects of cloud computing and the business people will gain from experiencing the new and often novel ways IT can now be provisioned technically. We have found this works very well on the many runs so far.

When it comes to the private cloud, the ability to self provision IT resources is a tremendous benefit to IT professionals, but for the business, accountability is vital also – what resources are being used, by which department and by whom. The course now shows both aspects – for IT how Eucalyptus enables managing on-premise resources and for management, how Eucalyptus enables reports on what resources have been used, by whom and when. All of this is shown visually via the Eucalyptus administrative console and is very impressive. Further, using a tool such as Hybridfox for managing the Eucalyptus cloud enables seamless integration with the Amazon AWS public cloud, enabling a hybrid configuration to be deployed.

With all the materials now gone to press, I cannot wait to teach this revision. Hope to see you there. Let me know what you think.

Chris Czarnecki

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