Euclayptus Releases Eucalyptus 3

This week Eucalyptus Systems have announced Eucalyptus 3, their next generation private and hybrid cloud software. It is claimed that Eucalyptus is the most widely deployed private cloud currently available. This new release has been architected for high availability with no single point of failure.

Eucalyptus is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud software designed to run on on-premise and provide organisations with many benefits including:

  • Easily managed infrastructure
  • High availability
  • High reliability
  • Feature rich
  • Integration with public clouds

The major changes in Eucalyptus 3 are that should there be a failure for example in a disk drive, Eucalyptus 3 will automatically switch to a different resource running on a different machine. Such a switch is undertaken automatically with end users unaware it has occurred. Another enhancement is resource access control including a welcome implementation of the Amazon AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) service. Many other features have been added and are details here.

The next generation of Eucalyptus addresses, after security, one of the main concerns cloud computing adopters have, high availability. These concerns have gathered some momentum with the recent highly publicised failures at Amazon and Microsoft. By explicitly addressing these concerns in their architecture, Eucalyptus have made a major step forward in making the decision to adopt and implement a cloud solution much easier with reduced risk. The fact that they integrate seamlessly with public cloud providers such as Amazon is an added bonus. Eucalyptus 3 will be available in the fourth quarter. I eagerly await its release.

Chris Czarnecki

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