Evaluating The Eucalyptus Private Cloud

It only seems like yesterday that I completed the latest revision of Learning Tree’s Introduction to Cloud Computing course and yet here I am working on the next one already. Thats the reality in a fast changing world like cloud computing, the course development process never really stops. The development team is always working behind the scenes to ensure attendees receive the most current and relevant information possible.

One of the great things about a new revision is that it enables us to incorporate feedback provided by attendees as to what they would like to see in the course. For this Introduction to Cloud Computing course, the two areas attendees would like to see more details on are: 1. Private clouds and 2. Security. These are both being addressed in the revision I am working on and scheduled for delivery in July.

For the private cloud, I am currently investigating in detail the Eucalyptus Cloud. This product is open source and also has an enterprise edition offered by Eucalyptus Systems. For the Learning Tree course, Eucalyptus systems have very kindly provided a private cloud for Learning Tree to use and I am currently evaluating it and working to provide hands-on exercises in the course. The aim is to allow attendees to gain hands-on experience of provisioning IT resources on demand from a cloud computing software system that could be run on their own premises and existing IT infrastructure. My work and experience with the Eucalyptus Cloud has been very rewarding and positive so far and I must say the support I have received from the people at Eucalyptus Systems has been first class.

As development moves on, I will keep you informed on my progress and what will find its way into the course. If you are interested in learning about cloud computing and how it could benefit your organisation why not consider attending. A schedule can be found here. I will hopefully see you at one of the events.

Chris Czarnecki

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